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2048 Online

2048 is an addictive number puzzle game that both kids and adults will love! In this game, your task is to connect tiles with the same numbers until you get a tile with the number 2048. The rules are very simple. Move the colorful tiles with your mouse or arrow keys. Every time two identical tiles are merged, they turn into a tile with twice the number. 2048 is not the largest possible tile, and you can continue playing after collecting it, but the game will be won! This game is a really fun way to pass the time and train your mind.

How to play 2048 Online?


The game is played on a plain 4x4 grid with numbered tiles. At the beginning of the game, there are two tiles on the grid with the number 2. In this game, only numbers multiplied by 2 are used.


Use arrow keys to start moving tiles. Also, you can move them with your mouse or finger on touch screens. All tiles will slide in the selected direction. After each move, a new tile appears at a random location on the grid.


When one tile collides with another tile with the same number, they turn into one tile with a value of x2. For example, if you merge two tiles of 2, you get tile number 4. If you merge two tiles of 128, you get 256, and so on.


Your goal is to move and merge tiles, creating big numbers, until you get a tile numbered 2048. If you get 2048 in any square, you win the game!


The game is over if all the spots are filled with tiles and there is no way to connect the same tiles.


You can keep playing even after you get 2048 and get even bigger numbers.


You can always check your score and best results in the scoreboard above the grid. The fewer moves you do, the more points you receive. If you won the game but want to break your results, play again and try to win with a larger score.

Did you like 2048 Online?

2048 is a world-famous puzzle game with moving tiles. It was created by Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli and quickly took the world by storm due to its simplicity and addictiveness. 2048 is a single player game and all you need to play is your laptop and mouse. An interesting fact is that Gabriele Cirulli created the game in just one weekend, as he wanted to see if he could develop the game from scratch. He certainly did not expect this game to attract 4 million visitors a week. This game is really a good way to pass the time and not get bored. It will test your counting skills and reaction speed. Play 2048 online and try to win with as few moves as possible!